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"I've had my medical practice 22 years, and I thought I knew it all.  I should have been wiser to know, if you need your car repaired go to a mechanic, if you need to have surgery go to a surgeon, you need great sales and revenue advice, go to a sales genius"  Dr. I.Thomas

"In life as in my business things go wrong, I rely on Frontlineleads to help me troubleshoot my sales"  Lauren G.

"The insurance business can't live without solid sales foundation.  Frontlineleads is my main source. Enough said"  Alan R.

"Delivering consistent volume day in and day is something we rely on. Never have to worry"  Richard S.

"I thought my sales team was great. Ken diagnosed some major problems. I increased my sales conversion by 267%. I mean it. Money."  Joseph A.

"Trusting my sales CRM programming to Mr. Ezra has been the best decision in 10 years." Allen C. 

"I don't like writing these things but if I think about it, these leads are one of the most important aspects of my business.  I'm very satisfied. Thank you."  Andrea H.

​"It takes a great salesmen to understand great leads. Talk to Ken, tell me who's better?"
Norman S. 

​"I'm a doctor and run a multi state facility. I have spent literally 100's of thousands wasted away.  It's not a laughing matter on sales advice for my business.  If you're sick go to a doctor, if your car is broke go to a mechanic, if you need sales go to Ken"  Dr Andrew T.

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Extensive Personal and Financial Background Checks on FrontlineLeadsLLC and the owners.

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Getting the best freshest data is the goal of any sales organization.  Our data is Tier 1 and updated every two weeks and most sets every 30 days.  Frontlineleads.com relies on our proprietary technology platforms across multi-media spaces to help you create and implement marketing campaigns to drive LIVE SALES LEADS.  These time saving and cost efficient technologies will keep your business ahead of the pack.  Frontlineleads.com acts as your marketing advisors to provide you invaluable expertise, guidance, and tools necessary to maximize these elements of your sales process to keep you profitable and growing.  


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References: It's important for you to know that Frontlineleads.com LLC is a national DIRECTV/AT&T dealer and a supplier for large nationwide life insurance and property

casualty insurance carriers, national sales contract for medical devices as well as luxury cruise ships.  As such, we have passed extensive required financial and personal background checks.